Our Vision

Our Vision

Speak Carbon Collective is a group of trainers, who deliver Carbon Literacy knowledge at scale and pace.

Our Vision

Our VISION is for a world where everyone understands their role in causing and resolving climate change. In this world, everyone actively contributes to reducing emissions and other environmental improvements, making it better, fairer and safer for all peoples and living beings.

Our Mission

Our MISSION is to roll out Climate Awareness training, for example in the form of Carbon Literacy training, at scale and pace, in response to the climate emergency we are all facing, so that organisations, businesses, communities and individuals understand what needs to be done and are empowered to act.

To achieve this goal, our MISSION is to build a collective of trainers with a common purpose.

Our Purpose

Our PURPOSE is to use our skills and knowledge to support organisations, businesses, communities and individuals to become climate aware and make climate conscious, emissions reducing actions, through training and consultancy.