Platinum Carbon Literate Organisation award for Speak Carbon

Speak Carbon becomes a Platinum Carbon Literate Organisation in March 2022

Speak Carbon recognised as Platinum Carbon Literate Organisation as we continue to support multiple organisations roll out their Carbon Literacy training plans at scale and pace.

News Item: Date of Award 28th March 2022

We were thrilled to be awarded our Platinum Carbon Literate Organisation award in March 2022.

This top level recognition by The Carbon Literacy Project is an acknowledgement of the high standard of climate awareness training all our trainers aspire to provide for the companies and organisations who entrust us with their learning and development programmes.

Speak Carbon is one of only a handful of training providers who have attained this level of accomplishment by the CLP.

Reaching the standard set by the CLP numerous requirements had to be met. We had to demonstrate how we fulfilled the criteria for Platinum Carbon Literate Organisation (CLO).

Pathway to becoming a Carbon Literate Organisation

Platinum CLO is the highest level of CLO attainable for the provision of CL training. The award demonstrates delivery of climate knowledge not just internally, but also in support of multiple other organisations.

Any public or private company, or community organisation can start on the CLO scheme at Bronze level. The requirements are to develop a bespoke course and ensure one director or senior leader is a Carbon Literate Citizen.

Following the pathway through further course accreditations requires additional elements. These include ensuring a substantial percentage of the workforce becomes Carbon Literate, building on the integration of CL into the organisation’s actions and values raises the levels through to Silver, Gold and ultimately, Platinum.

View the stages of the process on the infographic below or in detail here.

Here are several of the actions we completed in order to fulfil the Platinum CLO criteria;

Workforce becoming CL
o All our trainers, colleagues and volunteers go through the training to be Carbon Literate. At Speak Carbon we operate a flat structure. However, there is a governance structure with board members (who are also trainers), for functional and regulatory purposes.

Visual promotion of our organisation’s Carbon Literacy
o Promotion of CL can be seen throughout our website and our social media feeds. You can follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Publication of a Case Study
o You can read our Leeds University Business School and University of Westminster case studies on LinkedIn .
o We are continually working on publishing case studies for all of the sectors where training is provided.

Deliver Carbon Literacy to another organisation
o This one was easy for us! Training and facilitation of CL courses online and face-to-face in order to raise awareness of how we need to act on the climate crisis is at the heart of what we do.
o For the purposes of this application we listed, among others, South Hams and West Devon Combined Authority and London Borough of Waltham Forest LA.

Developing CL materials for another organisation outside Speak Carbon
o Developing materials is also one of the core of the services we offer. For this submission, we cited collaborative work with DHRE AMRE Consultants and Sustainability Changemakers for their clients.
o Take a look at our sectors page to see some of the other public and private sectors we work in and continue to develop course materials for.

Collaboration with another Carbon Literate Organisation
o Partnerships are a vial part of the response to the climate emergency. Our collective vision is to proactively work with other organisations and experience has proven that the sum of the positive outcomes is unquestionably greater than the parts. We continue to work in partnership with several organisation, such as the two mentioned above.

Your Next Step
Contact us to find out more about Carbon Literacy training in your organisation. Whether it’s to use an existing course or toolkit, or you want a bespoke course writing, a friendly conversation is the first step in meeting your requirements.

If you’re looking for support with implementing pledges and targets beyond the training, we can also help you with that, so please ask about those services too.