Carbon Literacy’s Ten Year Milestone

Working closely with our training accreditation body, The Carbon Literacy Project keeps us up to speed with course updates, from latest research to tweaks in strategy and improved activities to enhance trainees’ experience.

So when we were invited to celebrate the ten year anniversary of the project’s launch, on November 1st 2022, a typically wet, wintry night in Manchester, we were delighted to attend.

Much of our training is done virtually. In fact, as we launched during the pandemic, initially all our training was done online, so we cherish the moments when we get together in the same room. We believe that getting together whenever possible is a must for the benefit of our health and wellbeing, as well as for our organisation.

For the four Speak Carbon trainers – Pete Watkins, Michelle Marks, Ned Gatenby and Sarah Coppack seen in the image above – who were able to travel to the event, it was first time face-to-face meetings for some of us.

The event was attended by many of the people we interact with from CLP, as well as other trainers who we love to network with, and where the potential arises, develop partnerships. It was great to hear the origins of David Coleman and Phil Korbel’s journey to creating the project and providing a much needed framework for climate awareness training.

Alongside the celebratory Prosecco and vegan pizza, there were numerous activities designed especially for the evening. For one of these, we were all asked to pin our own place on a timeline graph, showing when we became Carbon Literate. The image below shows the exponential curve of the growing number of Carbon Literate Citizens, with Sarah (left) and Michelle placing their sticky pins on the board. As Phil quipped – CLP’s own good hockey stick graph.

Speak Carbon's Carbon Literacy trainers document their journey on a timeline
The Carbon Literacy Project’s 10th Anniversary Party at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Business School, Manchester, UK. Photo©Steve Forrest

When the event took place, there were over 43,000 certified Carbon Literate Citizens.

Well done CLP!

Speak Carbon are loving being part of this project and working with you toward your goal of a million Carbon Literate Citizens by 2030!