Our Vision

Speak Carbon Collective is a group of trainers, who deliver Carbon Literacy knowledge at scale and pace. Our mission is to deliver knowledge and tools to participants so they can better tackle the Climate Emergency, while bringing people together with a ‘common language’ so they can take collaborative action and win over the hearts and minds of communities, organisations and institutions to become part of the solution to the Climate Emergency we are facing.

Speak Carbon Collective training is accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project, which is recognised as one of the 100 worldwide Transformative Action Programs.

As well as delivering Carbon Literacy training, our aim is to support the creation of Carbon Literacy hubs where trainers, qualified through the Train the Trainer programme, can cascade Carbon Literacy training throughout their organisations and beyond with the support and guidance available to them as members of the collective.

Through our membership we are building a collective of Carbon Literate individuals and organisations able to pool resources, share knowledge and experience and cascade Carbon Literacy training to as many people as possible, at the scale and pace required to help organisations and individuals within society make the changes necessary to tackle the climate crisis.