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Speak Carbon offers ready-made courses for individuals and organisations in various different sectors; have a look at our list of courses below.

View courses for: Local Authorities | Higher Education | Food/Hospitality sector | SMEs | Civil Service | Healthcare | Other organisations

View our Training Professionals – Train the Trainer programme – for delivering Carbon Literacy at scale and pace.

Don’t see your sector listed? We can also design a bespoke course for your organisation.

For all courses, current knowledge of climate change does not matter, as all learners are taken to a common level.

Carbon Literacy for Local Authorities

Tailored specifically to UK local government, (County, Borough, Town & Parish Councils), LA toolkits provide a basic understanding of climate science and local impacts of a warming world.

Facilitated activities focus on the co-benefits of climate action and how local authorities are well placed in their community to effect change directly and indirectly through various levers of influence.

Ask about versions for elected members, leaders and staff.

Carbon Literacy for Education, Universities and Colleges

Equip our next generation of workforce and leaders with knowledge about climate impacts and the tools to influence change, bridging a much needed gap in the curriculum to date.

As with all courses, some of the content is customisable, and we continue to work with some of the further educational establishments across the country, for whom we have delivered this toolkit.

We’re currently working on designing courses for primary and secondary schools. Contact us for more information:

Carbon Literacy: Sustainable Food
(Hospitality and Manufacturing)

The food sector is responsible for up to one third of all our carbon emissions. Content covers how food security for the world’s population closely interconnects with climate, equity, with a strong focus on social fairness.

Case studies for model best practice. Our food sector trainer has written and delivered this course to manufacturers and hospitality businesses from the global to the micro restaurant. Find out more:

Carbon Literacy for SMEs

Training materials designed specifically for SMEs, makes this the most appropriate for small, medium and micro businesses who wish to reduce workplace and personal carbon footprints.

The learning pathway also provides insights on how to engage in and create climate action within these workplaces and to talk to others along your supply chains knowledgably and persuasively on the climate crisis. Ask for more details:

Carbon Literacy for the Civil Service

At the forefront of policy development and contribution to strategic implementation of net zero goals, it’s vital that civil servants in all departments and grades understand the climate challenge we all face.

The knowledge outcomes support integration of climate policy into the existing frameworks for informed decision making, communication and co-ordination.
Get in touch to find out more for your department.

Carbon Literacy for Interested Organisations (CLIO)

This broad Carbon Literacy course is useful as a taster for larger organisations who wish to experience Carbon Literacy training, before rolling out an internal programme with Speak Carbon.

It is also suited for SMEs, micro businesses and community groups who may not be large enough to book an in-house course. See also Carbon Literacy for SMEs.

Look for available dates in Upcoming Courses.

Carbon Literacy for Healthcare

Remarkably, healthcare accounts for a 4% of the world’s emissions. With an inextricable link between human health and climate change, this course highlights how ensuring planetary health benefits patients, lowering demand for services.

Prepare staff for implementing carbon conscious decisions and develop confidence discussing climate with colleagues and patients.

Ask about Generic and Leadership versions of the course, which are also suited to suppliers of healthcare services.

Coming soon…

We are also working on some new sector-specific courses that are not quite ready yet. If you are interested in any of the below courses then get in touch and we will let you know when they are ready to go.

  • Carbon Literacy in Education – Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Carbon Literacy for Social Housing
  • Carbon Literacy for Communities and Individuals

Training Professionals

This is our Train-the-Trainer course designed specifically for delivering Carbon Literacy at Scale and Pace.

As well as learning (or refreshing) essential trainer and facilitation skills, participants will be guided through the Carbon Literacy process, from course concept, through the CL standard and values, to certifications. All from the perspective of delivering the training.

These sessions are highly interactive, with opportunity for everyone to present and provide feedback. Successful completion of all elements results in Carbon Literacy Trainer accreditation.

All course materials can be integrated into our Professional Trainer programme. Once individually accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project, as qualified internal trainers you will be confident in rolling out Carbon Literacy across your organisation at scale and pace.

Let’s start with a discovery conversation now.