Business to Net Zero

Organisations with a clear net-zero carbon target are leading the field in regard to environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility intent, but the roadmap to meeting these targets is unclear given the complex nature of supply chains outside the direct control of the enterprise, and on emerging but unproven technology and infrastructure.

Many businesses are facing significant costs in order to decarbonise, but one area that can provide relatively high returns for low investment is Carbon Literacy. There is evidence to demonstrate that a good level of Carbon Literacy within an organisation can alone deliver a measurable improvement in carbon emissions profile. 

Removing internal barriers to change is part of any business change roadmap, and a shared culture of understanding at all levels reinforces and amplifies behaviour change.

The theory is clear – understanding and awareness give rise to greater consideration of decisions that have an impact on carbon expenditure, and greater consideration equates to decisions that support carbon reduction goals.

Individual executive leaders, senior managers and employees are welcome to take our Carbon Literacy certification course on an individual basis; if you would like to discuss bespoke training packages to work with your organisation on a wider scale for greater overall impact, we would be happy to collaborate with you.